Trevor Wernisch

Selected Project

Las Vegas Sphere


Exploring and refining the user experience and user interface for the Las Vegas Sphere was an exhilarating journey in pushing the boundaries of immersive entertainment. At the heart of my exploration was the ambition to create a seamless digital gaming experience. With the Sphere's staggering capacity to host over 15,000 people simultaneously, our focus was on crafting an interface that could cater to such a massive audience while ensuring each individual felt fully immersed and engaged.

Central to my approach was harnessing participant's smartphones to enhance the collective experience within the Sphere. I aimed to empower every attendee to interact with the environment in real-time through synchronized events. Ensuring that such a large crowd could seamlessly navigate and participate in dynamic experiences required meticulous attention to detail in both UX and UI design. From intuitive and accessible controls to visually captivating interfaces, my goal was to make every moment inside the Sphere an unforgettable adventure.

Ultimately, my efforts were driven by the desire to create a living, breathing ecosystem where thousands of people could come together to share in the excitement of live entertainment. By marrying cutting-edge technology with thoughtful design, I aimed to transcend the traditional boundaries of gaming and usher in a new era of collective experiences. The Las Vegas Sphere stands not only as a testament to innovation but as a beacon of possibility, where the power of connectivity and immersive design converges to create unforgettable moments for all who step inside.

You can find more information on the Sphere here. Photo courtesy of Sphere Entertainment Group.

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